September 2021

September 2021

September 2021

Kia ora, Friends, Family and Fans,

Because we’re not allowed to clean until Level 2 (sigh…), once again we’re reaching out from our bubbles to your bubbles.

Hope you and your whanau have been keeping well, getting rested and revived, and staying entertained. Here are a few more entertainment ideas to really keep you out of trouble:

Home Hack for showers!
For these winter months when you may have your windows closed to the cold, the moisture and heat that showers are subjected to can cause mould to grow quickly, especially in corners and tile grouting.
So this hack is not about cleaning showers but preventing long-term mould build-up.

The first line of defense is to ventilate and create airflow in the room by opening those windows or turning on a fan and letting it run for at least 10 minutes after showering.

Secondly, squeegee blade all shower surfaces to remove water droplets after every use. Use overlapping strokes and even blade the standing water on the shower floor down the drain.

(Ok, “after every use” may sound over-the-top, but at least blade several times a week.)

My favourite squeegee blade is the style with a rubber blade on one side and a sponge & brush combo on the other side for scrub cleaning (can be ordered from Bunnings or Briscoes).

And if you’re a serious Shower Sergeant, take your old bath towel and blot the corners dry.

Finally, when not in use, always keep your shower door open to encourage air circulation.

After that exertion, you may be needing a bit of a treat. Having lived in Japan for many years, I recently tried my hand at baking a
Legendary Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake (recipe here)

But if you don’t have the 2.5-hour preparation time even under lockdown, here’s a shout-out for local heroes Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake Shop. The shop isn’t open during Level 4, but keep an eye on their delivery schedule to get a cheesecake delivered to your door!

When we return to Level 2, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you hit the ground running and need help with home or office cleaning, shopping, window washing, dry cleaning and more.
And if you’re moving home or office, we have a new Valet Packing Service where the Guru Team comes in and packs up all of your personal items, or Unpacking Service where the Team unpacks all of your boxes and puts everything in its place. It really takes the stress out of a busy move.

Stay safe and feel free to get in touch, even just for a friendly lockdown chat.
Nga mihi nui –

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