Hi, from our bubbles to your bubbles,

Firstly, I hope you and your whanau are doing well in these unusual times.

Just to update you in regards to what the country will look like when we move into Level 3, it appears MTDL will still not be eligible to restart our cleaning services:

Businesses cannot offer services which involve face-to-face contact or sustained close contact, eg, house cleaning (https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/alert-level-3/#workers-and-businesses).

At this point, the government has indicated that we will be at Level 3 for at least two weeks, but we should have more definite information soon.

I personally have had a rather eventful time throughout Level 4 as our “blended family bubble” includes eleven people – and, guess what?—one of those people in our bubble (but not in our household) got the coronavirus and then another member (who visited our household) showed some mild symptoms. The latter tested negative to the virus twice but was still counted as a “false negative/probable positive” which sent our whole bubble into ultra-isolation for 14 days.

Not only could we not leave our house for essential groceries but we were advised to self-isolate and social distance from each other. Luckily the ping pong table is two metres from opponent to opponent, so we got in a few games!

And I can’t say “Thank you!” enough to the amazing superstar nurses from Auckland Regional Public Health services who called us daily to check on our well-being and confirm that we were symptom-free. We felt really well looked after, and luckily were a ‘box of birds’ every day.

When lockdown conditions ease and it’s safe to go back to work, we will let you know when the MTDL cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance services are back up and running.

If you’re needing any shopping Deliveries, we can do that now, just give us a tingle.

Stay well –



Pam Chapman  |  Director