Hi, Busy People,

With the Silly Season upon us, school graduations, end-of-year parties and sooooo many birthdays (how dare some people be born at this inconvenient time of year!), it made me pause when I saw the following instruction written on the white board at my local yoga studio, Yoga Sanctuary:

Breathe in love.

Breathe out peace.

That’s all.

And so even in the simplest way, I hope you can find a moment to look after yourself in the midst of looking out for all of the loved ones around you these holidays.

Failing breathing, I can highly recommend:

Auntie Mo’s Jingle Bells Christmas Cocktail

  • St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur (fill glass about 1/3)
  • Dry sparkling wine or champagne (fill remainder of glass)
  • Optional sliver of lemon

After a couple of these, you’ll be one-up on the Silly Season.

FYI, we’re closed December 25, and January 1st, with limited services running December 26 and January 2nd.

From all the To-Do Guru Team at MTDL, thank you for all of your support throughout 2019, and we look forward to tackling your to-do list in 2020–



Our #MTDLHACKS Wednesday series is happening again!

Christmas is near and we all know it can be quite stressful when there’s a lot of planning, cleaning and organising especially if your relatives are over the holidays. One of the most efficient way is to have a to-do list and make a Christmas plan.

There are many ways to plan and get the Christmas festive going without any distraction.

1) Begin in the Bathroom ( as most guest will visit the bathroom after a long trip to your place)
2) Ready the Manchester ( make sure there’s enough bed sheets or towels for guest)
3)Simplify your Kitchen ( make sure there is enough space for kitchen ware and throw out ingredients that may have expired)
4) Decorate the Christmas Tree

These great tips are from Rug Doctors :

It is important to keep our house clean and tidy at all times and not only during festive occasion. Hence, at My To Do List, it is our job to make your to do list ours. We are a cleaning company, firstly, and can do so much more for you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ????

My To Do List Team