Just Schedule A Visit and choose a date to start your service. Before your actual service starts, we will pop by your home or office for a ‘Welcome Meeting’ — a one-time meeting to answer any questions, note down how you like things done, and sort a key.
MTDL is more than a cleaning company! Because you have a lot more than just cleaning on your to-do list, we create a customised service around your unique needs. We clean, we run your shopping and Delivery errands, and we manage Add-On services with other professionals to tackle home and garden maintenance, too.

When you opt in to our DELIVERY Service (this is where it really gets fun), your To-Do Guru will run errands outside of your home or office. Imagine: keys getting magically cut, PO box mail being retrieved, essential groceries appearing in your fridge, the dry cleaning being brought to the shop and returned to your closet on the next visit.  And you can rest easy knowing that we are fully insured and back you with our Quality Guarantee.

We’re working on it!  Currently, we are expanding rapidly in the Auckland region. We are able to offer services to areas that have the highest concentration of signups first, so let your friends and neighbours know about us, and we’ll see you sooner than later!
Our To-Do Gurus are organised, trustworthy professionals who keep your home or office tidy and run your delivery errands so that you don’t have to!   They are knowledgeable multi-taskers who are keen to contribute to the MTDL vision of helping and delighting customers, quality-guaranteed. Like a concierge, PA, Wing Man, Girl Friday, Robin, they provide the back up so that you can focus on what you really need to do.

Each To-Do Guru must pass our thorough vetting (criminal and credit) and interview process (previous work referees, background, work history), then is fully trained in the My To Do List cleaning and organisational systems, and regularly up-skilled.  Note: your home or office is also protected by our Public Liability insurance.

You will get to know your To-Do Guru well as they will be the same person to service your home or office each visit. Do please bear in mind that sometimes schedules change or things come up and we may have to send a temporary or permanent replacement.  If there are ever any changes, we’ll always let you know and provide the new To-Do Guru’s profile for your information.

When you schedule a TIDY UP or HELPING HAND service, you get a targeted 60- or more minutes of cleaning and housekeeping based on your unique requests and needs. Often we start by throwing on a load of laundry. Then, we might empty and refill the dishwasher, wipe down the bench, clean and refill the dog’s bowls; we can scrub the toilet, wipe the toothpaste off the mirror, and take the rubbish and recycle out when we leave. Never manage to get your bed made in the morning? We can do that, too–and put that washing in the dryer. You can let us know if you have odd jobs or one-off requests, like ironing, cleaning some windows, organising a cupboard, or putting away groceries. Just let us know.

If you choose our DELIVERY Service, you’ll get a ‘courier’ errand, delivering an item from your home or office to a shop or picking up an item from a shop and bringing it to your home or office.  We will even hang your dry cleaning in the closet and put the milk and mince in your fridge!  Now THAT’S a different kind of service!

For more DELIVERY ideas, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages or our website’s Delivery Diary which documents our adventures picking up, dropping off, and running around Auckland!

When you Schedule A Visit, ask us about our Helping Hand hourly rate service.  This is where you can have a To-Do Guru for an unlimited amount of time to tidy, do odd-jobs and run errands to and from shops. We’re available to help from 60-minutes upwards.
Yes, if you would like different tasks done, a different room tidied or special odd-job completed, you can communicate this to your To-Do Guru via our handy web app.  Just keep in mind that your To-Do Guru may not be able to stay longer than your time allotment and please remember that they are only human!  Your To-Do Guru will do their best, but if your request cannot be completed, they will let you know why and offer a solution for next time.
We can, but not with our weekly 60-minute Tidy Ups! If you would like a full-service house or office cleaning either regularly or as a one-off, just schedule it in with your To-Do Guru.
This is no problem.  We will simply bill you at our subsequent hourly rate plus mileage per extra delivery.
You can if it is within our standard travelling distance of 3km to your home or office, and we will use your shops as often as possible, but sometimes we will need to use our own preferred shops

If you have a strong preference, we may be able to use your shop but may need to charge a small extra fee.  Regardless, you will always know which shops we are using because we provide you with the vendor receipts after each delivery.

As long as you have sorted a key, no, you don’t need to be home.

Note: at the start before your regular service begins, your To-Do Guru would like to meet you at your home or office for a one-time Welcome Meeting to understand your needs and sort the key. P.S. We have a variety of key hiders for sale if you’d like to buy one.

You can update your to-do list in our handy app anytime.  Simply log in, click on the date of your visit and then alter, delete or add new tasks plus memos.  We recommend making task changes by 8:00am on the morning of your service. Any Delivery changes should be made at least 24 hours prior to your visit date.

Alternatively, you can leave a message with our office anytime.

You will need to contact the Office ([email protected]) and check that the day and/or time you prefer is available.  You will not be charged a change fee if you make changes 24 hours prior to the original booking.  For changes made within 24 hours of your original booking, you will be charged one hour of the original visit fee, plus the new booking fee.

Please note that if you make day and/or time changes, it may not be possible to provide the same To-Do Guru.

Please contact the Office and/or your To-Do Guru, preferably in writing, at least 7 days prior to your last date of service.  To contact the Office, email ([email protected]) or call us.
Yes!  Your feedback is invaluable to us because we want to know that your experience has been just the way you want it  — if not, we would like to know how we can fix that.

So please don’t hesitate to keep in touch.

Let your To-Do Guru know what you’re unhappy with so that they can try to resolve the problem directly with you first.

If this doesn’t work, or you wish to handle the problem anonymously without alerting your To-Do Guru, please contact the Office and we will do our best to find a solution.  Our vision is to help and delight our customers, quality-guaranteed.

You do. But we can provide them if you prefer and our products are reasonably priced. Furthermore, we can keep you regularly stocked with fresh cleaning cloths and chemicals at or below retail price (for our TIDY UPs, we prefer Earthwise cleaning spray which is plant based and contains no phosphates, nitrates, chlorine, or ammonia).

Our To-Do Gurus typically will use your electrical equipment, ie, if you request us to vacuum the lounge, just let us know where it is!

Yes! You will find us on Facebook at @mytodolistnz and on Instagram at mytodolistnz where we post weekly Home Hacks and pictures of our adventures running errands around Auckland. Be sure to follow and like our page and pics!

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