Happy Waitangi Day, Everyone!

Hope you’ve been able to ease back in to your work, school and family-routines with the help of a few nicely spaced rest days in Auckland Anniversary and Waitangi Day.

I’ve read a few articles recently that lifted my spirits because they essentially said you can save the planet even if you’re lazy. That’s such good news to me because I just can’t go back to being vegetarian (I was one for six years), I can’t ever be a vegan (just too hard), and I have too many kids to taxi around to think of commuting by bicycle (and can you imagine carrying your vacuum on the back of your Schwinn?).

So the message I’m hearing is simply “Eat Local, Buy Better.” So ‘local’ means I choose foods that travel a lesser journey (though I’m not sure my banana-obsessed 13-year old is going to agree with that sacrifice). When I’m trying to ‘buy better,’ I’m choosing foods that are free-range, humanely-raised, sustainably-produced, eco-friendly-packaged. Or un-packaged, as it is: these days I carry a wad of mesh fruit and veggie bags to avoid as much plastic wrap and polystyrene packaging as possible.

And look what I found: Smales Farm Takapuna is attempting to start a monthly Smales Farmers’ Market with fresh, organic and sustainable goods. The Golden Rule being that food is produced within a 2-hour drive or 100km radius from the market. Find more markets here

And if you’ve requested a shopping Delivery service with your Tidy Up or Helping Hand clean, we’re always happy to search for that “Buy Better” item. Just write it in the Delivery tab of the My To Do List app.