Wishing everyone an awesome 2020!

We thank you for all your support and look forward to making your life a little easier in the new year.

And our hearts go out to the folks and critters battling blazes in Australia.

For anyone feeling down in the dumps about the environment, I recommend taking a read of the positive stories on Facebook’s @Ecowatch or You’ll discover stories of hope which demonstrate the fascinating, innovative, persevering actions of people around the world who are determined to make positive change for the environment. (So much TIDY UP on a planetary scale – we love it!)

My favourite: Prince Williams’ Earthshot Prize of millions of dollars which will be given to five winners a year from 2021 to fund 50 “creative and achievable solutions…to repair the Earth.” And if you’ve got any good ideas, give Wills a buzz.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to do our little bit and take our customers’ soft plastic waste and used Nespresso pods away for recycling.

With love from all the team at MTDL,



Pam Chapman  |  Director