Hi, Once-Again-Busy-People-Out-Of-Lockdown,

Hope this mild winter weather finds you well.

As the cleaning company that does so much more, we’re really excited to introduce a new service that encompasses pretty much ALL of our skillsets! We now offer a Full Home Valet Unpack.

Say what? So when you move in to a new home and your moving company unloads all of your furniture and boxes, you’re left with the colossal job of unpacking, putting stuff away, and cleaning up all of the packaging debris. Well, if you’re wanting partial or complete help with this, the MTDL Team is at your service.

We can unpack every box, or just specific rooms – it’s up to you. We can set up your kitchen, hang clothes in the closet, make your beds, put your shampoos in the shower and bath towels on the rail, and flatten all the empty boxes to prepare them for collection. We’re happy to dust and wipe as we go, and even organise as we work, colour-coordinating clothing, placing like-linens with like, and laying out kitchen items in logical flow, easy-to-use locations. You’re welcome to be alongside us to direct or leave it all to us.

If you’re needing us to restock some basics like toilet paper and paper towels, shop for milk (for your first cup of tea, of course!), storage baskets or hooks for the unpack, you can tap in to our Delivery Service.

At the end of the job we’ll finish with a light vacuum and the home will truly be ready for you to live in and relax in!

And of course our Add-On Services with our trusted professional partners are readily available if needed for more technical jobs like hanging fine art, small maintenance repairs, getting the TVs and satellite boxes plugged in and boosting the Wi-fi.

Let me know if you know someone who is moving to Auckland and could use a Valet Unpack. ✔️ #weloveourjob #mtdlnz

Stay well,


Pam Chapman  |  Director  


My To-Do Guru’s are carefully selected for their professionalism. In order to join our team, every To-Do Guru is: Interviewed, identity and referee-checked, vetted for criminal background and credit history, trained, mentored, observed on the job, and up-skilled regularly.

  • You can also rest-assured knowing that every visit to your home is backed by our public liability insurance.
  • Trust is one of our big key values!

Stay warm!

The team at My To Do List 💜