For this month’s Newsletter, I’d like to welcome Jenna Tuuta from Harbour Hospice to share more about what her charity does. MTDL is not only keen to help the Hospice community through our day-to-day services, but we’re always happy to give a shout-out for a worthy cause. Take it away, Jenna…

Harbour Hospice is the only specialist, palliative care provider for families living in the Hibiscus Coast, North Shore and Warkworth / Wellsford communities. We provide compassionate, free care working primarily with patients, families and carers in their homes, and also within our three hospice sites. Our bespoke services include medical care, spiritual support, physiotherapy, social activities and more, with an emphasis on helping people live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

The government funds 54% of our services, then we raised the remainder with the support of our very generous and compassionate community. My role at Harbour Hospice is to connect with those who look to donate their energy to raise funds for our services, helping to care for Hospice patients and families who need it most. If you or someone you know wants to help Harbour Hospice, please get in touch with me on 020 404 35577 or [email protected].

With love from all the team at MTDL,
Pam Chapman  |  Director  


Did you know we have an Ironing Add-On service?

We can do the ironing for you OR we can send it out to be profesionally ironed by our trusted parter, Ironman! You don’t want to be that one family member with the creased shirt or dress in all the photos.

The ironing invoice will appear on the MTDL invoice ( less invoices = more convenience ) and there’s no extra charge added by us, the customer just pays Ironman’s regular retail prices.


One of our customers needed her pink suit ASAP which was in her bedroom closet in New Zealand and had one of our Gurus immediately went to her place to help courier her suit to London.

This is why you need a To-Do Guru and the courier professionals at Pack and Send to make it happen.

With My To Do List, you don’t just get your house cleaned, you get a team behind you to sort ALL the gnarly situations in your life. ✔️ #weloveourjob #mtdlnz

At crucial times like this with the COVID-19 going on, we urge everyone to stay safe and frequently wash your hands.

Much Love,
MTDL Team 💜