One of the tasks on my personal to-do list has been to watch the four-part BBC documentary War on Plastic. Knowing that plastic takes yonks to break down and ultimately ends up in our food chain, I decided I needed to act locally NOW! My family love take-outs when we’re out and about, but I rarely remember to grab reusable containers before I leave the house. So I’ve become a Re-stock Drill Sergeant by filling the boot of my car with Clip It containers, plastic forks/spoons/knives from previous culinary escapades, and re-usable cups both for hot and cold drinks, complete with a forest of salvaged straws. (I’ve even labelled everything with the warning “REUSE FOR TAKEAWAYS” so the kids don’t pinch them for their school lunches, so they always end up back in my car. Yes!) Ok, it probably reduces my fuel efficiency by a quarter and my kids do that thing raising one eyebrow when I pull out all this tableware from my boot, but—wow—it feels so good to be reducing that single-use plastic habit. Next step is I would love if some of these restaurateurs would give me a discount for reducing their single-use plastic addiction, as well!

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MTDL Add-On Service

Do you have tasks on your home maintenance to-do list hanging over your head?
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MTDL Customer Testimony

“Thank you for everything this week. I’ve been working my butt off and because of you the house and my family are ticking nicely.”

Libby, Riverhead

Happy October!