Hi, Busy People!

So glad to see some sunshine and warm temperatures after our record-breaking month of continuous rain! Hope you kept dry.

Just a quick Tip for you this month about Health and Safety for when you’re working around your home or office: when cleaning low places (inside ovens, walls, under chairs, low down behind doors) save your back. As much as possible, bend at the knees, squat or lean on one knee on the ground—and work with a straight back. Continuous hunching or leaning while bent over, can cause back strain.

And if you want to know our secret for getting a streak-free finish on mirrors, taps, stainless steel, etc, try our 2-cloth Method: first wipe with a DAMP or WET CLOTH to wipe away the dirt, then polish the tap or mirror with a very DRY cloth. Voilà! No streaks!


And if you decide you’d rather have one of our friendly, efficient To-Do Gurus do these tasks for you, just contact us and we’ll free up some time for you

Have a great rest-of-September