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Cleaning and shopping services Auckland

Helping Hand Service

Cleaning, housekeeping, meal preparation, organising—we get it: to-do lists are as unique as you! We’re also glad to provide elderly companionship and assist customers through ACC.

Ask about our Helping Hand customised home or office service for regular weekly visits or as a one-time “Guest.”

Need a big one-off cleaning (Airbnb, spring clean, or moving out)? We’re here to help.

Cleaning and shopping services Auckland

Tidy Up Service

A 30, 60, or 90 minute fully customisable service for your home or office. Short visits are ideal for smaller spaces or shorter to-do lists and lend themselves well to multiple visits in the same week. Come home happy twice per week, three times per week, or how about every day?

Ask us about an Express Tidy Up (30-min) or Tidy Up (60 or 90-min) visit one or more times per week

Valet Unpack Service

Our team can help with the stress of moving. If you’re moving out of your home or office, we can source all packing materials and pack your personal items. Or, when moving into a new residence, we can unpack all of your boxes, hang clothes in the closet, set up the kitchen, make the beds and provide a space that is clean and ready for you to relax!

For our Valet Unpack Service, please contact us to discuss your plan.

Valet unpack service

Delivery & Add-Ons

Our Delivery and Add-On Services make all the difference! Each week your To-Do Guru can provide a Delivery errand along with your regular cleaning. Add-Ons take care of garden maintenance, window and house washing, dry cleaning, carpet shampooing and more with our professional partners.

First Delivery Starting at only $8

Convenience at great prices Pay normal retail prices but we manage it all; charges appear on your MTDL invoice

Delivery and add ons

We’re a concierge for your home or office.

Besides cleaning, we can do tailored tasks like walking the dog, watering plants, emptying the compost in the garden, and organisational projects. Then as needed, let us arrange Add-On services with our trusted partners for maintenance jobs like lawn mowing, window washing, dry cleaning and more – just ask us!

Free Welcome Meeting.

To get to know you and your to-do list, your To-Do Guru will meet at your home or office for no charge for an initial Welcome Meeting to answer your questions and document how you like things done. Our goal is to get it right from the start. If we tailor a service for your unique lifestyle, we can create more hours in the day for you!

Get to know your Guru.

Your caring To-Do Guru is happy to be flexible around your requirements and personal preferences. We provide a friendly, professional, reliable service that comes with a Quality-Guarantee. Every Guru is trained and has a background vetting. Trust and care with every visit to your home or office is our top priority.

Loyalty Rewards.

We provide special discounts for our regular customers. Save on Gift Certificates, Cleaning Packs, and big, one-off Special Projects such as an End of Tenancy clean, a yearly spring clean, or our Valet Unpack/Packing service. And don’t forget to ask us about our Refer-A-Friend rewards. Both you and your friend win!

Just doing our bit for the environment.

Did you know that we provide Free Deliveries? Your Guru will take away your Soft Plastic, used Nespresso coffee pods, old prescription eyeglasses, and more for recycling to the proper collection points. All for no cost. Feel great reducing landfill AND having one less running-around chore to do!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Packs.

We can supply you with your own My To Do List Cleaning Pack. Each Pack includes quality, re-usable microfibre cloths that are colour-coded and labelled to avoid cross-contamination. Earthwise multi-surface or bathroom cleaning sprays also available. To order, ask your To-Do Guru for details or contact us.

What People Are Saying
“Being a busy mum, there is nothing better than walking through my front door and finding a tidy house!”
— Gabi via Facebook
“Great service. Quick, easy, and no effort. Love it!”
— Max W.
We look forward to making your life easier! ♡