February 2023 - Here to Help

February 2023 – Here to Help

February 2023 – Here to Help

Happy Waitangi Day! 

On a more somber note, the team at MTDL wants to extend our deepest sympathies to all affected by the tragic floods in Auckland. If you are struggling to deal with the aftermath, I suggest you contact the Auckland City Mission. They have a significant number of resources and support available to anyone. Alternatively, if you want to give support, they have a way for you to donate to provide help to those who need it. 

Here is a link to their website for further information: Auckland Flood Response – Auckland City Mission

Given that some of us may be dealing with wet homes, it would be opportune to provide some advice and tips to help you with cleaning and, in particular, removing mould.

Removing mould for carpets naturally: 

What you will need 

  • Fan or dehumidifier (optional) 

  • Baking soda 

  • Distilled White vinegar 

  • Spray Bottle 

  • Stiff Bristled Brush 

  1. Inspect your Carpet for signs of visible mold: Make sure you check the entire Carpet for mold. Is it in the fibers? In the padding? 

  2. Ventilation is your best friend: A perfect storm for mold is darkness, moisture, and warmth. So opening a window or turning on the fan is your best defense to reducing mould; as it will reduce the humidity in the room. It will also mitigate certain effects like an unpleasant odor. 

  3. Sprinkle with Bake Soda: Baking soda is great at reducing the amount of moisture in an environment – one of the things mold needs to grow. Leave a generous amount of baking soda on the affected area and leave it to soak overnight. Use a vacuum in the morning to remove the baking soda. Surprisingly, cat litter also absorbs liquids so that you can use this as a substitute. 

  4. All you need is a little vinegar: Vinegar helps remove mold. Fill a spray bottle with pure vinegar and arm yourself with a stiff brush. Apply a light coat of vinegar and scrub. Finish off with a blow dryer or a fan to get the moisture out. 

Removing mould from walls:

  • Clean the surface with detergent and water using a sponge or brush and let the surface dry completely. 

  • Follow up with a water and bleach solution – Mix ¾ cup of chlorine bleach to a gallon of warm water. Wearing rubber gloves, apply the water-bleach mixture to the strains with a sponge or brush. 

  • Let sit for five minutes: Scrub, rinse and air dry. 

Leave it to the professionals: I haven’t mentioned this, as I wanted to ensure that everyone reading this knows they can do the job themselves. However, I also wanted to preface that there may be situations wherein calling a professional may be best. We can help you in this department as we have a team of experienced and friendly Carpet Shampooing professional partners. They have heaps of experience and can provide contamination treatment at the same time if needed– just get in touch with us! 

I hope this information is valuable. Again, the team at MTDL wants you to know we are here for you in these tough times. We look forward to giving you a helping hand!

Beth (Social Media guru) 

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