APRIL 2023 - Meet Kylie!

APRIL 2023 – Meet Kylie!

APRIL 2023 – Meet Kylie!

Hello everybody! 

I hope you all had a replenishing Easter Break. For this month’s newsletter, we are happy to share an interview with Kylie – our Carpet Guru extraordinaire to tell us a bit about herself and give much-needed advice about the carpet in your home. 

So, Kylie, how did you end up in your carpet cleaning business? 

I was gifted a classic carpet cleaning machine–my friend gave it to me as she thought I would have a better use for it. A few girlfriends were house cleaning then, and one said you should do a couple of my clients’ carpets for them. I did the odd job for her, and then I got a passion for it. People started getting great results. I never thought I would start a business; it was a lot of trial and error. I bought another machine, gradually upgraded, and advertised my services. I love the job. I find it satisfying to see the difference you make.

How often would you recommend people get their carpets cleaned and what are the benefits of regular cleaning?

Typically, I recommend frequent carpet cleanings for busy households with children and pets. It is a personal preference. Typically, I recommend it once a year, but different clients may want it twice a year. It is great for clients to see what comes from their carpets. It gives them peace of mind knowing their carpets are clean. A clean carpet can help with allergens.

Do you have any tips for people dealing with stains?

For any stains, try to soak up as much as possible. Grab a paper towel and cold water, and blot the stain. People will add baking soda, vinegar, and all sorts of things. However, that can cause the stain to set in. Some stains cannot be removed. 

How much of their carpet do clients want you to clean?

It is up to everyone, but generally, people want their lounge and living room done. These are the areas that get the highest foot traffic. Many people ask if they should clear their furniture, however, generally it is only necessary if they want a deep clean. I can go around some of the heavier stuff. Some people want their bedrooms done. 

How can clients prepare their carpets for servicing? 

All I ever ask is that people clean first with their vacuums (this is a job a To-Do Cleaning Guru can do, of course!). It helps to remove a large amount of the extra debris. When I get there, I need access to hot water to fill and empty my tank.

Thank you so much for all your advice and knowledge, Kylie! 

We hope you have come away with some valuable information! 

Contact Rebecca at office@mytodolist.co.nz if you’re suddenly itching to get your carpets, rugs, and upholstery shampooed. We can schedule it with your regular Home Clean and even put that service on “automatic” so that it pops up as a reminder throughout the year.


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